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Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th Posepack : Male fashion posepack

This would be my fourth posepack and my third male posepack, It contains 9 male poses, I saw there are very few fashion themed male poses out there so I decided to create these, hope you like them. And yes they are compatible with the list, as usual.
Many thanks to Aiser for being an awesome model!

Pose 1
code : a_-A-posex101x27

Pose 2
Code : a_-A-posex101x28

Pose 3
code : a_-A-posex101x29

 Pose 4
code : a_-A-posex101x30

 Pose 5
Code : a_-A-posex101x31

Pose 6
Code : a_-A-posex101x32

Pose 7
Code : a_-A-posex101x33

Pose 8
Code : a_-A-posex101x34

Pose 9
Code : a_-A-posex101x35

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