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Sunday, May 6, 2012

first posepack : requested female poses

this would be my first posepack.

the 4 poses are requested by some some facebook friends and they are included in the poseplayer list.
many thanks to Divany for being a beautiful model.
the codes are :
- a_-A-posex101x1
- a_-A-posex101x2
- a_-A-posex101x3
- a_-A-posex101x4
pose 1 requested by Ashley Spenser Park

pose 2 requested by Divany Rae Crystal

pose 3 requested by Divany Rae Crystal

pose 4 requested by Sienna Parkins

enjoy , and if you have any questions , suggestions or requests feel free to post them here on on facebook.
feedback is appreciated..